Best E-Bike Hub Motors for DIY Enthusiasts

There is a lot of contention regarding the best brands and models of  motor to make the ultimate e-bike kit. In this article I’ll attempt to outline some details on a few of the main, quality motors commonly used in electric bike conversions. Below are all brushless hub motors which tend to be the easiest […]

DIY e-bike Guide

DIY e-bike Guide

For people who love to tinker or those who want to customise their ultimate e-bike, getting some good information is essential. E-bike controllers, motors and batteries can be sourced from various corners of the world at very good prices, it is well worth your while getting some concise and comprehensive information to help you avoid […]

Torque Arms for Electric Bike Conversions

Are Torque Arms necessary for my electric bike conversion kit? The short answer is yes. For those that don’t know what torque arms are, they are usually a small plate of metal that goes over the axle they have flat edges to match the axle then they are bolted (or hose clamped ) onto the […]

Ebike Batteries

The race is on to develop the ultimate battery with individuals and large companies all over the world competing to build a cost effective, environmentally friendly, light weight battery with high energy density that is quick to charge. There will most likely be large royalties for the people who come up with the best technology. […]