DIY e-bike Guide

diy-ebike guideFor people who love to tinker or those who want to customise their ultimate e-bike, getting some good information is essential.

E-bike controllers, motors and batteries can be sourced from various corners of the world at very good prices, it is well worth your while getting some concise and comprehensive information to help you avoid some costly mistakes. Matching e-bike motors and batteries to your needs and ensuring you have all the components compatible with each other will make your e-bike install much cheaper in the long run.

The website below has composed a nice easy to read package that takes you step by step through configuring, buying and installing your electric bike conversion.

Click here to learn more about the “do it yourself ebike guide”

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  1. Νικος


  2. Tim Greensfeld

    Looks like an awesome DIY electric bike conversion guide!

  3. Tom Stockstill

    74 yr old Sr,(Retd from m/c bis.)
    No short trem memory,(stroke)
    Have Magic Pie-2 project and also a Swifte or? step thru. “Unable to yet cope with electricals and function/programming etc. Will pay for some verbal advice and directon.—- Cheer,s “Tom” 406 274 1330-cell.” Montana”

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